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Warranty Claim

How to initiate a Nadeef warranty claim

1. Send an email to with the subject heading "Warranty Claim" along with your order number

2. Explain in a few sentences what issue you're experiencing. Please also attach a picture or video of the defect in the email. In the event of a leak, please attach a short video showing the location of the leak. Pictures and videos will be send to the manufacturing manager to help us identify what might have caused the problem so we can fix it on future batches.

3. Once the warranty claim is successfully submitted you will receive an email confirming the replacement part shipment. Your new part will arrive in the mail shortly after.

The warranty covers the following

1. Leaks that may occur on any part of the product through regular wear and tear; hose, t-adapter, spray head, wall/tank mount

2. Breakage of any of the above mentioned parts

3. Spray head button stickiness (if the spray head button starts to become faulty and hard to press/lock)

4. Unlimited fixes/replacements of the parts in question during the life of the warranty

5. Includes free shipping of the new parts in question

In addition to the standard 3 year warranty (on purchases made after July 2018) we also provide an optional warranty extension of 2 years. We offer it to our customers for additional peace of mind. Warranties for an order are only valid when purchased within 2 weeks of the bidet purchase, and each warranty purchase only applies to each bidet kit.

However, we are pleased to say that so far since switching our manufacturing to Italy, we've only had one defect claim in the form of a slow drip from the spray head.

Rules for initiating the warranty

1. Each warranty only applies for one product. If your home has 4 bathrooms and you purchase one for each, you would need to purchase 4 warranties to cover all of your Nadeef hand held bidets. However, if you choose to purchase just one warranty, you are free to choose which product to apply it to retroactively of any defect arising. Ie. You don't need to claim which bidet the warranty is used for, if any defect comes to be, you can choose to apply the warranty for that specific one.

2. Installation must be done properly, using the instructions provided on the website and/or on the instructions on the box.

3. Parts are only tightened. Using tools to tighten any of the parts will void the warranty. Using tools can lead to over-tightening which can damage the item and cause cracks.

4. You must have the order number of the warranty on hand to initiate the claim.

5. This warranty covers defects for the hand-held bidet and the hot-water mixer valve and hose. If you purchase spare parts from Nadeef, for a non Nadeef brand bidet, the warranty does not apply unless you purchase the additional warranty for that part.

6. If the first step of the Warranty Claim process isn't followed, and the email subject item is not clearly written "Warranty Claim" followed by your order number, we cannot guarantee a quick response and resolution to your claim. By following the steps, our process can be handled quickly. The majority of complains against our business come from customers unhappy with the warranty process, but as long as the process outlined at the top of this page is followed, you will receive a replacement within a week.