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Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Wear and tear is common on all home appliances, and the toilet bidets are no exception. It's simple to maintain the quality and reliability of your Muslim shower, but through its constant use and occasional accidents sometimes damage can occur. Although Nadeef bidets are tested for the highest quality, in the event you need a spare we provide fast shipping, and affordable alternatives to buying a complete new set.

Common causes of damaged parts

Here are a list of common issues that will damage specific bidet parts.

Bidet Shower Head

  • Dropping on hard surfaces
  • Aggressively pulling the spray trigger in the opposite direction
  • Link to purchase a spare bidet shower spray

Shower Hose

  • High consistent water pressure and pressure build up through not turning off supply between uses
  • Pulling of the hose
  • Excessive twisting and bending
  • Link to purchase a spare bidet shower hose

Adapter and Hot and Cold Mixer

  • Forcing a misaligned adapter nut onto the flush pipe, especially by use of a wrench (please keep in mind the adapters are meant to be hand tightened onto flush pipes)
  • Link to purchase a spare hot and cold bidet mixer valve
  • Link to purchase a regular t-adapter

Tank Hook or Wall Mount

  • Aggressive or repeat bending of hook
  • Applying too much force or weight onto the mount
  • Link to purchase a spare tank hook and wall mount