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5 Step Muslim Shower Installation


5 Step Installation Process

Installation of the Nadeef bidet shower is quick and easy. It takes most people about 5 minutes to install. Some customers opt to hire a professional to install it, and although that's an option, we find it's not necessary. Anyone who is handy or good with gadgets and mechanics can easily do a successful installation. To help you save money on installation, here are the detailed steps on how you install the Nadeef Muslim Shower in your North American bathroom.

If you require professional assistance, please visit our page of local Nadeef partners linked here to request an installation appointment.

Step 1 

Turn off the water supply to your flush tank and flush the toilet you make sure all the water is empty in the tank. The unscrew the water suppled line from the flush tank. Please also lay out a spare towel under the tank pipe because some excess water in the hose and pipe may drip on your floor.

Step 2

Connect the T-adapter to the flush tank and ensure a tight fit. Make sure the provided rubber washer is placed inside the nut first. Only hand-tighten this nut, do not use a wrench. Also ensure the alignment of the nut is secure. The most common problem in the attachment of the T-adapter is an insecure alignment between the flush tank pipe threads and the threads in the T-adapter nut. You will be sure of a secure connection when both the but and the body of the adapter are secure and do not move.

Step 3

Connect the water supply line to the bottom end of the T-adapter.

Step 4

Place the rubber washers inside the ends of the shower hose and attach one end to the T-adapter, and the other fo the Nadeef shower spray. The conical nut should attach to the spray head, and the shorter ribbed nut should connect to the T-adapter. Only hand tighten these connections.

Step 5

Hang the tank hook on the tank by lifting the flush tank lid and placing the hook along the edge fo the tank. You can also choose to screw the mount to the wall with the provided. For even more detailed instructions on attaching to the wall, details can be found on this page.

Done! Now you can turn on the water supply and adjust the water pressure to your liking. If you are facing any challenges or problems during your installation, here is a link to the installation FAQs. If you're still facing problems, please feel free to contact us or view our available partnered installation service providers in your area.

Installation instructions will also be provided at the back of your Nadeef bidet packaging. Please keep it safe in case you need to uninstall and reinstall due to moving homes, or renovations.