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We are proud Canadian/Pakistani family business based out of Toronto. You can contact us at /

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Our Story

Nadeef was born from the frustrations of bathroom hygiene in North America. We emigrated to North America after developing an expectation for a higher standard of bathroom hygiene and felt this standard should also be enjoyed here. In much of Asia and Europe, the bidet is a common home appliance, lending to the fact that these nations use almost half the amount of toilet paper as North America. We read countless articles from journalists shedding light on the negative economic and environmental impact of toilet paper and wet wipes begin flushed down the toilet. It was clear there is a dire need for this product to be more widely adopted.

Here are just a few reasons why we think you will love the Nadeef Bathroom Wash:

  1. It's really easy to install. You don't even need a wrench! (unless you're installing the hot-water valve)
  2. It saves toilet paper and money (conservative estimates suggest a savings of $25 per year per person in toilet paper).
  3. A lesser need for toilet paper is also good for the environment and the long term health of your home and building plumbing.
  4. If you're currently using a water bottle or a cup for your bathroom hygiene, you won't need to worry about filling it up before you sit to do your bathroom business.

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