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Price Comparison

The prices of our bidets are the best in Canada for the quality we provide. You may also find many brands charging below $50 prices but these are poor quality Chinese made products. Please find below a list of our competitors, with a link to their website detailing their bidet prices:

Additionally, if you're buying more than three, we can give group discounts, just click "request installation" under the "add to cart" button on the product pages.

Brand  Price (w/ taxes) Warranty Origin Website
Nadeef $69.90 (includes shipping) 3 years Italy link
Aquas360 $90.38 (no shipping) 3 years USA link
Brondell Luxury $111.87 1 year China link
Brondell $70.06 1 year China link
Kleen Bidet $107.34 1 year China link
Modona $107.33 5 years China link

How are our prices lower? Because we are an online store only with low overhead, and direct factory sourcing model. We don't have the real estate costs that large hardware stores have, nor do we have a large employee payroll. We also don't spend money on advertising since the majority of our sales come from referrals and word of mouth from existing happy customers. These savings get rolled back into the price of the product so you don't have to cover the bigger brands' bloated budgets.

We are a small, 3 person organization that does packing, fulfillment and customer support all in-house.