1. Will this product fit in my Canadian/American home?

Yes! Our product is specifically designed for the North American bathroom. Our dimensions are made to fit on all the fittings in your bathroom.

Brass T-valve dimension: 7/8" with water shut-off valve (advanced safety)

If for whatever reason, you still have doubt on fittings, you can cross reference your bathroom fitting with the one in our video hyperlinked here. This model bathroom is the typical bathroom found in North America.

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2. How long will it take for the product to ship to me?

Shipping takes about 5-7 business days from the time the order is shipped, until it will arrive to you. If you have noticed, we have added free shipping across Canada, and free shipping in the US for orders of 3 or more product.

3. Is there a hot and cold water mixer valve available?

Due to popular demand, we have started offering our new hot/cold mixer valve. It is a DIY solution which will also come with a spare hose to connect to the hot water line.

4. How long does it last?

How long the Nadeef Bidet lasts depends, like all other products, on the usage and maintenance of the item. There are right and wrong ways of using it. By following these best practices below you can ensure your Nadeef Bidet will last for many years.

5. Is there a warranty?

There is a 1 year manufacturer warranty on parts. If something stops working, please email us with the details and any accompanying images or videos and if we cannot fix it virtually, we will send you replacement parts.

6. What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of the product and its use, we cannot accept returns. However, if you have a technical issue with one of the parts, we have a warranty on the part and can send a replacement.

7. What is the price of the hand-held bidet?

Our prices are listed on the product page. Currently our going price is $59.95. The other economic factor to consider as well is the amount of money that is saved by using less toilet paper. Some studies have found a reduction in toilet paper by up to 75%, which can come out to be over $20 per person per year! You can see our other bidet/toilet paper financial comparison points here: