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Installation FAQ

Installing your Nadeef hand held bidet is a quick and easy process. But on the off occasion something doesn't make sense or seem normal, this guide will help you with any questions or concerns.

Below are the most common installation related questions we get asked:

1. Water supply line is hard, and not flexible like in your installation video

In some older homes the water supply lines are rigid and do not bend. This will be a problem because once the adapter is installed the distance from the flush tank to the supply line will shorten. The only way to solve this problem is to purchase a new water supply line. They are sold in all hardware stores like Home Depot, Home Hardware, Lowe's or Canadian Tire. They cost about $5 and can easily replace the rigid pipe in a matter of minutes.

2. There is a large leak from the adapter

This occurs when the T-adapter is not properly fitted onto the flash tank. The sure way to test to ensure the adapter is fitted corrected is to see if the body of the adapter is loose or firmly attached. An incorrect alignment can happen if the threads on your toilet flush are not properly aligned to the threads on the adapter nut. The way to fix this is to carefully align the but to the flush pipe.

3. What pressure setting should I leave my bidet on?

The pressure is adjustment for your preference. However after you've finished using the bidet, we highly recommend turning off the valve to the hose and spray head. The reason for this is due to changes in the city's water pressure and the water pressure in your home. Build up of the water pressure can erode the joints inside the bidet hose causing leaks to occur over time. When you keep the valve turned off between use you can ensure the longevity of your bidet for many years to come.

4. I've installed the bidet, but the water seems to be continuously filling the flush tank now

This occurs when the flush mechanism inside your flush tank is moved during your adapter installation. The water will stop flowing to your flush tank after it reaches a certain level. When that device reaches a certain level, the inflow for the tank is covered stopping any further water from filling into your tank. To fix a continuous flow of water in your tank it's likely the floating device has become stuck by being pinned against the wall of your tank. Since the flush pipe and the flush stopper mechanism are attached as one unit in many flush devices, if the pipe under the tank moves, it can also move the flush mechanism inside the tank causing it to pin up against the tank wall. The solution is simple, you just need to move the floating device away from the tank wall so it can move up and down freely.

5. There seems to be water dripping from under the toilet flush tank

Similar to the above reason, this is likely due to a movement in the flush mechanism. It's possible that during the installation the pipe attached to the flush mechanism inside was moved out of place, causing a gap from where the water is coming. To fix this problem, turn off the water supply to the tank, flush your toilet so the water leaves the tank, and tighten the flush mechanism and flush pipe. In many toilets there may even be a nut attached to the bottom of the tank where the pipe protrudes; in this case tighten that nut.

6. Is there a professional hand held bidet installation professional I can hire?

Yes, please check this link for the preferred Nadeef installation partners in your town.


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