Hand-held bidet

Cleanliness is next to holiness

The easiest and safest way to fix a bidet in your bathroom. Scroll down to see how. Only C$59.95 (or US$46)

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Hand-held bidet

Easy to Install

Install in less than five minutes. No screws, no drilling, easy peasy.

Full Hot/Cold Water Installation

We also offer the full hot & cold water installation kit for those cold Canadian winters.
Full Hot/Cold Water Installation

Benefits of a Bidet

Benefits of a Bidet

What's Included

Spray and Hose

Included is a 1.2 meter stainless steel hose. More importantly, the spray head is easy to screw on, grip and maneuver.


The T-adapter is the key player. It serves the purpose of easily linking your bidet to an intake line. And, when used correctly, keeps your bidet leak-free.

Fittings and Hook

There is no need to screw or drill the Nadeef bidet. Everything you need to install the bidet is included and configured.

How to keep the bidet leak-free

The valve on the T-adapter is used to control the pressure from the intake line to your bidet spray. Adjust the valve to be only 20% open, depending on the pressure, and it will ensure your spray head does not leak. Most leaks take place because the pressure is too much for the spray head to sustain over long periods of time. We recommend to turn off this valve when not in use for best and long-term use. Additionally, you can call our free phone support line to ensure you've installed your Nadeef bidet properly at 647-968-5067.

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