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Our Story

Nadeef was borne from the frustrations of bathroom hygiene in North America. We emigrated to North America after developing an expectation for a higher standard of bathroom hygiene and felt this standard should also be enjoyed here. In much of Asia and Europe, the bidet is a common home appliance, lending to the fact that these nations use almost half the amount of toilet paper as North America. We also read countless articles shedding light on the negative economic and environmental impact of toilet paper and wet wipes being flushed down the toilet. It was clear there is a need for this product to be more widely adopted.

We are proud Canadian/Pakistani family business based out of Toronto. You can contact us at /

Our First Inventory

Our first inventory was a small order of 50 units to test the manufacturer and to test if other people in our community would want these.

Bedroom Fulfillment

Sales were strong very early on. But the first several batches of orders were fulfilled manually from our bedroom.

First Large Order

Several months of ordering small batches, we had enough saved to make one big bulk order to our manufacturer. We had to use a friends car to help us transport it home.

Increasing Sales

Our daily sales volume started to pick up shortly after. Old customers started returning to buy their 2nd and 3rd units, as well as referred their friends to us.

Our New Office & Warehouse

The time had come to leave our jobs and focus on Nadeef as full-time business owners. We rented our first Nadeef office space in Toronto West.

Moving to Italian Manufacturing

After selling our 3,000th bidet we set our sights on providing the highest quality bidet in the market. The top quality bidets sold for over $100 with other retailers but we knew we had to offer a better price. After working with several European manufacturers we found the right partner in Italy and immediately moved the packaging in-house to reduce costs.

Recreating the brand

Having attained the best quality product available in the market, we decided to rebrand Nadeef and adopt new packaging. 

The new packaging

Our new packaging is less expensive than our previous red and white box. The lighter and smaller packaging also decreased our shipping costs which we spread back into the bidet cost for our customers. Best of all, it looks great and re-usable for so many household things.

Feature list

Italian Made

The new Nadeef bidets are designed and manufactured in Italy. Higher quality parts, better craftsmanship, and luxurious design.

Full Brass Spray

No plastic is used in our bidet spray. Only brass with chrome plating to ensure there is no drippage from your nozzle.

Adjustable Pressure

The T-adapter for the bidet, and hot and cold mixer valve come with pressure controls. Just turn it off after use.

Tank or Wall Mount

The default tank mount means you don't need to use screws or drills to hang the shower head. Simply mount it on your tank.

3 Year Warranty

Better quality means longer warranty. If you have damage or defects of any kind, we will replace the part for free.