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The Real Reason for Leaks (and how to prevent them)

Why do some hand-held bidets leak?

The first thing to know about this topic is that Canadian and American homes have some of the highest water pressure rates in the world. This means bathroom appliances in North America are stressed much more, sometimes by factors of 3 or 4, compared to other countries, especially European and Asian countries. In North America the pressure can reach 80 PSI (pounds per square inch), versus other countries where PSI is around 40.

Unfortunately, because the majority of bidet manufacturers are either based in China, or in our case, Italy, the local manufacturers are only able to stress test their products with their local water pressure rates in mind. This means even though their production passes their local country test, it could cause problems in Canadian homes.

OK, so what should I do about it?

There are three solutions to this problem you can enact to ensure your Nadeef Bidet stays leak-free and in full functional form for many years to come:

1. Turn off the adapter valve after each use.

Regardless of which brand you purchase, from where, or what quality materials, turning off the adapter valve is the only way to guarantee no leaks. Therefor we must insist that you remember to turn off the valve after each use. Failure to do so can risk leaks and water damage. We must also remind you as per your agreement to our terms of service that Nadeef Bidets is not liable for any damagers that may occur from the use, especially misuse, of our product.

2. Reduce the overall pressure in your home.

The above video outlines how to adjust the complete water pressure in your home. You will want to reduce the PSI to 40 PSI, or even lower if it' OK with you. The additional benefits to this is also water cost savings each month on your utility bills! The video starts near the middle, but feel free to watch the beginning for added context.

3. Install a PSI regulator for your toilet bidet.

The best thing you can do, so you don't need to always turn off the valve, or adjust the complete pressure in your home, is to install a water pressure regulator. This way you can adjust the water pressure to 15 PSI and sleep worry free.

4. Hire a professional.

A professional plumber will insure that the bidet is installed perfectly and without risk of leaks. Make sure they check the toilet line water pressure and you communicate to them that they need to configure the pressure to 15 PSI. If you need help hiring a certified plumber, please call us at 1-833-600-0071.