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How much time am I wasting filling up my lota?

How much time am I wasting filling up my lota?

12 hours per year (see breakdown below).

One of the benefits of having a bidet (Muslim shower, shattaf, bum gun), apart from hygiene is the convenience factor. Our time is valuable, and we hate having to spend time on low value or unnecessary things. So I set out to calculate how much time was actually being wasted filling up a lota or bathroom jug. What began as a funny thought actually opened my eyes a little bit to how much time is wasted in our bathroom habits. To be clear, the numbers will be different for everyone, but the principle idea here is that a Nadeef Bidet can save you a lot of time value.

A single filling of one regular lota:

13 Seconds.

In the average household of four, where individuals are going on average twice a day, this equates to 104 seconds per day. This is approximately 3,172 seconds per month. Which is a total of approximately 53 minutes, or almost an hour per month.

Average home in one year:

Approx 12 Hours.

Once we account instances where we need to re-fill the lota before properly getting the job done, this number can be a lot higher.

Now, if you're one of those people like me who like to equate time to wages, given that the average US hourly wage is $21/hr, a household is spending $252 in their time value filling up lotas. An activity that is completely unnecessary if you have a Nadeef Bidet.

The lesson here is, if you had a bidet, not only do you have the piece of mind of not having to check for the lota to be full before starting your business, but you can also feel good about the fact that by the end of the year, your home will have saved around 12 hours of everyone's time.

Once we combine the time savings with the economic savings (less toilet paper), that's a total household value savings of approximately $296. (time value of 12 hours + money saved on toilet paper - cost of bidet) = ($252 + $104 - $60) = $296